Friday, January 2, 2015

A Big Round of Applause

Well I lasted one day of eating healthy.  I can't remember the last time I exercised either.

And just had two scoops of Baskin Robbins ice cream with the family so I'm really happy.  Peanut butter and chocolate and the other was Daiquiri ice in case you were wondering.

Then was listening to the Mama Mia soundtrack in the car.

Jason took four bowling and Ivy and I went to TJ Maxx.  Shopping I love you, even if its just buying new dish towels and a spatula.

I have been seeing all these things online like choose one word for 2015…and I was thinking whats if I choose the word SIT.  or LAZY.  or EAT.  That would pretty much guarantee a successful year.  In reality the word I should always choose is HAPPY.  Because I almost think its a moms job to be happy.  Since our effect is so far reaching with our family and it is takes focus and effort to be HAPPY in all things.

I'm still addicted to the Mormon Conversations podcasts even though they are pretty old.  Seriously just love them.  Just love hearing about peoples lives and two themes seem to be always present.
1.  Everyone is interesting
2.  No one is immune to hard things

Jason gave me a Sonos speaker for Christmas and so now I can listen to it better in the kitchen (that and my hip jams ;)  which is pretty much like my office.

Darby found out I was going to start another whole30 and said, "NO MOM DON'T DO IT!!!"  ummm…apparently everyone hated when I did that which I don't really understand but that I probably cook better when I don't…and definitely make more treats.  But her and Luke have been trying to sell me on doing a whole15 or a whole20 and Im thinking they are pretty smart really.  Either way if I do it I will be way more chill about it.  And I really need to read the book first.  Still following a bunch of those feeds on instagram to get food ideas.

I do love starting out with a healthy breakfast which for me has been a sausage, pepper, onion and potato hash (with half sweet potatoes) with a big serving of guacamole and lots of hot sauce.  And drinking cinnamon oil enhanced water.

Also am newly loving the game King of Tokyo.  Easy and pretty fast…plus I keep winning.

And I always love pretty much daily the Facebook updates of Momastery.  If you are women you must follow her.  She is genius.  Really what I hope to be like.  Got that, Momastery on Facebook go find it.

In reflecting about last year I was thinking I wore a whole lot of lipstick and a whole lot of Jesus and a whole bunch of holes punched in my doors.

This year I would like to still keep the lipstick sometimes and Jesus and healthy eating and chocolate…and we have new doors.  Oh yes and reading and movies and can't have enough family time.  And I would love to go to the temple too even though I've had a hard time getting babysitters lately so will do what I can.

The best thing we did last year was get super good at reading the book of Mormon as a family in the morning.  Could totally tell its influence and power in our home.  Loved doing that and can tell when we don't.  The most important thing we can do as a family each day besides family prayer.

When I was blow drying Darby's hair (dude I have soo much hair to blow-dry with all these girls!!!) and was trying to talk about goals and what she might like to do.  So I suggested like cooking or sewing and then she said she wanted her goal to be pranks.  Pranks?  Um I just okay just know if you start dealing pranks you have to be able to take them as well.

Also we played Telestrations (thank you Alvhild and Brandon!) and the water game on Christmas Day and remembered how much I love playing games.  And even more fun since my kids are getting older…Baylie makes Telestrations freaking hilarious.  If you want to come over and play games with us one night let me know!

Oohh just thought of a few more good words of the year…what about SWEATS?  or LEGGINGS!!!  man leggins are so dang comfortable.  Hey wait, what about REST?  that one would be totally great.

Finally read Unbroken and it was as good as everyone said.  Wow that book just shows that truth is more amazing than fiction.  And war is terrible.  Makes me wish I could go talk to my grandparents about their war days one more time.  And my Uncle Morck.

Okay, taaa daaa thats what you get today.  My kids are asking for Taco Bell for dinner.  Too bad I think that is barf.  Speaking of barf, how about that sad Alabama game.  oh well, at least FSU lost too ;)


Beth said...

I wanna play games!! And I'd love to watch girls so you can go to temple once school starts.

Erin said...

Ditto what Beth said. Love you Brooke!