Wednesday, December 31, 2014

One last post of 2014

Putting up Christmas is a messy business. Sad it's over really is the best time of the year. Loved Christmas this year. Had a couple goofs like I bought Luke a book he already had, the girls shoes too big and forgot a few things in my closet but the kids were great and it was perfect.  

Jason's birthday was good too he has been busy at work but we had monster burgers for dinner and then went to Rita's. 

These are the last pictures on my phone... Will be sad when they are too big to be together all the time. 

Luke inherited grandma and grandpas bed...wonder what they would think of it covered in 11 year boy treasures? This was their first bed when they were married and it makes me think of them whenever I walk in his room. 

Santa maybe wasn't so smart to give a 3 year old makeup for chrismtas despite how much it saved him in toy production. 

"Ivy why did you do that to your new makeup?!!!"

"I wanted to be a zombie"

Well I can't argue with that . No princesses just zombies strange children. Wouldn't have them any other way. 

Baylie got a new bike!!! Too bad it's so cold!!! But she rides it well! 

Darby put in order all our many nativities and yes we still have a pumpkin out. 

Another makeup episode this is when Luke and Owen were 'babysitting' 

Luke and his buddies at the temple!! 
Hadn't seen Weston in years!! 

Temple lights are so pretty and quite a lot of them but sorta a crazy place for kids since it's so dark and all they want to do is run on the big grass. Next year wearing glow necklaces. 


Mindy said...

We're putting away the Christmas decorations at my parents' house right now! I think putting it all away is an even bigger deal than getting it all out! At least when you get it out, you have Christmas excitement to motivate you...

Brandon Walter Evans said...

Have you signed up to see how much you could make on advertising from your blog? I would be interested to know. Probably not worth the ugly ads I would guess.

Nancy Jo said...

Love all the pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Ivy pictures make me cringe.