Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Paparazzi Accessories now has online ordering!!!!

Oh my goodness this is so much better.  Now, no matter where you live you can order your own Paparazzi and even host an online party!

Life has been busy and its bad when you have people asking you when you are going to have a party on the time and I just haven't been able to figure out when.  Plus I used to go to people's houses to do parties there but we have sports and homework and just haven't been able to get away soooo…..

I finally got tutored on all the changes and its so much easier.  Really is the answer for me because my kids need me, but I still love wearing and selling Paparazzi.

There really is no better thing for teachers gifts or friends and family where it looks more expensive than what you got it for.   I love the new stuff and get my order tomorrow so will post them.  More dainty alternatives and I love the layered necklaces and always love the tribal/aztec ones.

Shopping online is like buying directly from me but will ship to your house. Inventory changes all the time so bookmark the link and keep checking.  

Shipping is $5.99 which is great or you could go into together with someone who lives close to you.  Also online hosts can have everything sent to their house and then deliver if they want to save their customers shipping too.  You still get the rewards of being a host which is cool.  The tips they told me is online parties need to be short, three days max, because the ordered don't get placed til the party closes and hot items go fast and you want to make sure they are still available.  New stuff is added every day which is cool, just like a real store.  

Here is the online link to my website or just use my id #6847.

Oh wait, I forgot the best part, for November ONLY, Get a FREE super cute necklace when you spend $35 or more! My order is coming tomorrow and I can't wait, such cute new stuff.  So basically its like shipping is a $1 and you get a really cute necklace, its one of their best sellers.  

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