Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Feast or famine

So I am totally liking whole30 who would have thought? An definitely a skeptic turned fan. 

Today is day 23 and the longest I have ever gone without caffeine and sugar. My kids are completely boggled about both. I am looking forward to day 31 though but plan to adopt this type of eating mostly and leave room for fun and treats occasionally . 

Here is what I have been eating. 

Also just got this book from the library and it looks darling from what I have flipped through. So much personality in a cookbook. 

Ok so I posted this picture on Insta and then took it off when I realized that yummy chipotle Tabasco wasn't whole30 compliant and I was scared of the crazes comments I would get from the fanatics. I didn't know it wasn't until I looked at the ingredients and saw sugar listed as an ingredient :( thankfully franks hot sauce is good to go and love that stuff. 

This doesn't look good in the picture but has been satisfying my sweet tooth. Apples or pears (this one has persimmons) cooked on stove in coconut with hefty amount of cinnamon and handful of raisins. Tastes like apple pie! 

I love this cabbage recipe and have eaten it with kale and green cabbage too. So simple and tasty. 

I made this too but mine didn't look this pretty. Most my Instagram feed is good people so I can get recipes lately. 

Wahoo for conquering a fear and eating healthier. 

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Lindsey said...

That is AWESOME!!!