Sunday, November 9, 2014


Luke's undefeated flag football team was in the championships and lost... It was painful. But he threw great and had some good sacks. But a big loss like that always stings a bit. Before the game they had setup a fog tunnel to run through and had an announcer and music during the game.

Here is Ivys cute legs she took herself. 

Got Luke's pictures and laughed and how bad his hair looked!! That's what happens when dad takes him to picture day!

Paisley found a way to carry the chair! This little smirk is one of my favorite faces she makes.

Jason and ivy matching! Jason had to wear his Disney shirt to work cause they went to Disneyland that day!!! Hard day on the job. 

The Book of Mormon pile for our morning  reading. 

Having fun going though new inventory!!! 
I love love this bracelet. 

So much cute stuff couldn't decide which I liked best.

Here is Darby wearing a shirt my friend Jana gave me in college with her hometowns name on it... Which now fits my daughter. Crazy!

Ok so I have been not a fan of common core but not opposed ... Mostly trying to keep open minded and my kids have been doing well with it so far. 
 Until now....dun dun daaaaaaah. 

Enter the expanded notation method for division .... Darby and her college graduate parents are still stumped. Need to definitely learn how to do this . And her parents her liberal arts majors so that could explain it too ;) 


christy said...

That's stupid! Why can't you just divide normally. If we were asked to do this in real life we would not use that method. As long as they show their work, let them use whatever method suits them. Geesh! No wonder our kids are behind.

Nancy Jo said...

Love all the pics! Sorry about Luke's game. That math is wrong!

Heather said...

Good luck figuring out that math. I took four quarters of calculus in college and have a hard time understanding that crap. It makes NO sense.

English Garden said...

OK, I get the math but it still seems like they are making it waaay to complicated.