Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Order of Business

Oh my goodness I have been meaning to write on here but just feel a bit drowning in the stuff of life.  Not bad stuff just non stop go go and when I have a minute to rest I need to sit and read or nap (remember still no caffeine!)

First order of business…

My whole 30 close up.  I finished.  I conquered the world yadda yadda.  Frankly I was/am pretty dang proud of myself because it was hard and I never thought i could do it.

I will definitely be doing it again in January if anyone wants to with me.  The scale hardly budged at all which I was annoyed about but also made me realize scales are totally dumb anyway because I felt amazing and my clothes are looser so there dumb scale.

The first day off was a big let down really food wise.  the candy bars for breakfast I had gotten were gross I couldn't even finish them.  But day two I made up for it and went to a gourmet local cookies shop and had ice cream and cookies and pretty much Ivy and me were in heaven.  (also whole30 note I did not reintroduce food like whole30 recommended and I never had any digestion issues…tmi i know)  But then I felt like crap.  Not with the cookies but just not enough veggies for a few days.  So after a week now I have found I still like to eat healthy with treats.  Oh how I missed you treats.

Some things I might never introduce back into my diet but some I haven't totally decided.  Dear Coke Zero, have we broken up for good?  Cause that sorta makes me sad but maybe I will save you for christmas and my birthday?  Just made me realize that all the caffeine I was drinking wasn't actually helping me at all.

And the best goal I did for myself was waking up early with Jason's seminary schedule and dang it I'm so good at that now wake up anyways!

But I learned so much and that I like to eat healthy food…shocker!  and I tried foods I had never had before or never prepared myself like:

Acorn squash (had never liked it before)
Avocado Oil
Ground turkey…used to be scared of it I have weird fears
collard greens
kale…KALE…kale!!!!!  my new best friend really, thank you emily chamberlain for teaching me how!
still don't like radish sorry radishes
still love spaghetti squash

okay…thats all I can think of …any questions?  did I cover anything?

2nd order of business.  Trying to simplify.  Less Paparazzi parties.  No homemade Christmas party at my house this year.  I threw a baby shower this weekend and while it was lovely it was probably my limit of what I can do.  Trying also to Christmas shop much earlier.  Help?  I need kid gift ideas.

3rd order of business is one of our favorite people got called to be the stake president of our old stake.  Love when that happens.  Neat neat family

4th order of business my dog is eating all the pillows in my house and I want to beat him……

5th order of business if I don't eat cafe rio soon I might die.  maybe i can convince Jason to go tonite which we never do on a weeknight as a family…hmmmmmmm

6th order of business I can't remember all my order of businesses…maybe time to stop now

oh yes, we have some really really really good news happening in our life that I'm worried to talk about until its final but yes its what you think it is and yes its been a long time coming…over two years actually and yes please shout for joy because that is what I am doing inside and first order of business will be to take all my kids to the doctor!

did i ever tell you that Jason told me a while back that I am the shortest person that he knows!  The shortest person that he knows?!!!! thats a bold statement right there.  and to find me he just looks around to see whose top of their head can he see?  I don't know how I feel about that but definitely don't feel like the shortest person he knows

last order of business is we just realized luke will be at scout camp this summer and will be getting the priesthood soon and baylie will be baptized in the spring! Wow time is definitely going by.

wait, wait, last last order of business is that I have to speak on sunday and while I could speak in front of a thousand people spur of the moment, planned speaking makes me want to bolt out the door .  like thats all i remember from last time i spoke in church, was the feeling right before of wanting to just bolt out the door.  also, it was before christie was baptized…crazy huh?  but my topic is joy in the journey which is something God has been trying to beat me on the head with in my life so that is good.  not the head beating part cause it is sometimes painful but something I am familiar with at least.

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Lindsey said...

The whole 30 sounds awesome. I am all about simplifying. I hope the good thing happens soon. Thanks for the update. xo