Thursday, November 20, 2014

Life for us seven

Cowboy day at school was a hit

Shhh don't tell her dad rusty is in her bed

Field trip with baylie!
Luke also adorning the coveted oroville shirt from Jana

Celebrating Sadie's birthday (and dallas)

The cutest picture ever in my humble opinion

Leashed up the dog all by herself 

The greatest big brother ever!! 

Just a picture of our jr and sr primaries . Here Beth was teaching them how to make a customized Mint Canyon prayer sandwich . Sure enjoy being in primary with my kids.


Lindsey said...

Cute cowgirls!! And like Luke's shirt!! Thanks for partying with us last weekend!

Beth said...

That first picture of Ivy might be my most favorite ever!

Courtney said...

Such cute pics! I'm so sad I couldn't go to the party. :( Miss you guys!

Nancy Jo said...

Love the cowgirls! Great outfits! I remember when you wore Luke's shirt. Awesome pic of the girls sitting on Luke!