Monday, November 24, 2014

Always glad when hard stuff is over

I had to speak in church yesterday. My topic was on "joy in the journey of life" .

I was dreading it. I worked on it so much this week in all my spare moments along with planning singing time but I was not looking forward to it.

If you asked me to get up spur of the moment and talk in front of a crowd of a million people I could do it. But it I knew and had to prepare to talk in front of a crowd of a million people I might throw up. 

My cute little family and husband were so supportive and nice. Mouthing words to me and smiling and telling good luck that it calmed my nerves. And I took lots of deep breaths before and just said a prayer and hoped for the best. When I looked out at the faces of the congregation I just thought wow I like all these people this will be okay. And then I even went long! I fumbled some words and really couldn't tell if anyone was getting anything out of it but it is always good to do soemthing that scares the crap out of you every once in a while! So glad it's over. 

On other news we had a wonderful weekend. Got lots done around the house and had fun as a family . The biggest negative is I have not been able to sleep past 5 am waking up even earlier without an alarm which means I can't last very late at night!  Got all our thanksgiving dinner shopping down and this will be our first thanksgiving dinner by ourselves since I can't remember! 

Enjoy these cute and hilarious pictures of my kids 

Don't know what to make for dinner? Try hamburger bun French toast! Yay ... I was out of ideas. And thanks Jenn T for all the extra hamburger buns! Luke literally said mom you should never make it on regular bread again! Ha!

They played hide and go seek and this is where I found them!!!

150 AR awards! Darby was the only one in her class!

Sunday stroll. Have to walk up to this culdesac where it is flatter. The big new trick is that they get rusty to pull them and yell Mush Mush! 

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Nancy Jo said...

Love all the pictures! Congrats AR readers! That is awesome! Garbage can pics - eeewwwww! Love that you are riding together with the dog. Do you need me to send you Missy's harness that goes around their front legs and not neck?