Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Funny stuff

So the missionaries stopped by since one is leaving to a new area and I said oh too bad we will just miss you for dinner since we are feeding them tonite ...on the first day of the missionary who is replacing him in our area. And the Elder who was leaving said....oh good he will go right to the heart of the jungle. 

And then I was like wait what? Our house is the heart of the jungle? Oh man that is funny and then I laughed good. Who knew four pretty girls and one boy could leave such an impact on these cute young elders. Very funny. The heart of the jungle... I would actually agree. 

Here are more funny things... 

Jason's last minute Halloween costume that he wore to work ...and the rest of the night. 

This one is cute funny. 

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Lindsey said...

You are so good to those missionaries!!