Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving with just us

For the first time in many years we had thanksgiving just our family. It was nice. And turned out to be perfect cause some kids got sick so we didn't expose anyone else and Jason tackled a huge project of replacing all the doors... At least two I had punched holes through and replacing the door casings. It took up two full days and was lots of work. I think he was cursing me after the first day for my crazy ideas but it looks so much better as non punched through doors often do. In my defense those doors were pieces of crap and freaking hollow more like cardboard than wood. And I am supe buff and it was a tough year. In my either excellent or very stupid parenting I told the kids we can all whack the crap out of the other doors before they get thrown away. Sounds like fun to me. 

We played with with the pfisters the day before thanksgiving and had so much fun with them it was pretty perfect except for getting them sick :/

Thanksgiving we went to placerita and I could go there everyday . Plus we saw no other people and it's just good for yhe soul to be in nature. We live in a beautiful world . 

Darby wrote this on her own accord on our chalkboard! Hope all my kids remember this! 

Can you see the photobomber? Ps 11 year old boys hate pictures. 

We decorated the inside of the house and ivy loves all the nativity. But she wants to play them all at once all mixed together. Good thing I'm a chill mom. 
She also dresses herself if you didn't guess that too. 

Since Jason was home but unavailable and the house was a bit of construction I granted paisleys wish and made edible playdough. Always a hit! 

Ivy was so into rolling her dough I could only get this action shot. I hope you can feel the intensity. 

My big boy who stayed in bed (but read 3 books) . 
My favorite time of year in my neighborhood! So pretty and happens every November! 

Getting my hair cut on Tuesday but here is me with this guy. We make a pretty good team. 


Amber said...

LOVE the last picture of you and Jason. Glad you had a good weekend. Stinky that your kids got sick. Here's hoping for a healthy rest of the year right!

Nancy Jo said...

Great pictures! Love the ones on rocks - everyone looks so old! You look skinny Brooke!!

RachelAA said...

That is such a great picture of the two of you. And yes, those trees are my favorite. I always imagine taking a family picture standing in the middle of the street with those trees. You have maybe three weeks to get a real good one. Love them.