Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sorta Stupid and definitely crazy…who's with me?

Sooooo, somehow my sister in law Alvhild and I decided today that we are going to start whole30!!!  This Monday.


I'm terrified.  Terrified.

no sugar…no gum even.  no dairy.  we are totally nuts.  Thankfully she is very optimistic to my negative so hopefully she is right.

dude, I don't even know what I'm thinking but am just going with it and some of my best/worst ideas have been on a lark.

at least it has an end date and will be fun to do it together so if you feel like joining the crazy train, welcome aboard!

thankfully there is ton of ideas on instagram but seriously, i'm pretty freaked out.  Wish me luck and in the meantime you will find me quickly shoving down soda, chips and candy :)  cause i'm mature like that.  Here's to Monday and goals and new beginnings!…dun dun daaaaaaaaaaaa ;)

and yes Sara G we need to talk :)  about life and everything but this too!  


Sara Jane said...

Oh, girl, I'm in. It's totally doable, but you drive yourself nuts the first 10 days. I think it makes you realize how addicted to food you really are :)! Yes, I need to call you!

English Garden said...

I'm crazy! I've never heard of the whole30 and just googled it, its left me wondering what on earth you are going to be eating??