Thursday, October 9, 2014

McCoy Trivia

okay so this is not all the mccoys…one family missing we saw that day (Cori!) and then Marschell and Spencers families are missing …so 3 more couples and 12 more kids.

and this was an unplanned picture like, hey kids stop playing real quick and lets take a picture.  can you stop the mattress on the side?

but this is the only picture I got of sharla and her family together!  but they aren't together…which presents my game…which mccoys go with each other?  see how good you can be.  Jason and I are both holding onto some of ours so its pretty obvious :)

was just thinking about some of those very early visits to Washington and what an outsider I felt like, I remember not even knowing what to do with myself or where to even sit I felt so uncomfortable, but now…these people have totally become my people and love them so much.  

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