Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fall Break

We got back last night from a rapid quick trip to Utah for my grandpa's funeral and were able to see my entire family and most of Jason's family for at least a little bit.  Got to finally meet Brynn and Jett and the kids were actually pretty wonderful in the car.  It was just such a nice trip very grateful for it.

Before posting a million pictures, thinking about our first day home for fall break.
Besides unpacking and laundry and the always constant cleaning or cooking that goes on here is what we have already done.

Go Fish (this is ivys favorite!!!)
Princess memory
watched the new studio c season five (funny!)
watched netflix halloween cartoons
luke played madden on wii
luke played iPad
darby on computer with animal jam (recommend from vienna)
baylie on computer playing animal jam
paisley and ivy dumping out all of rust's food and covering themselves with wet chalk
read some picture books
I dozed off on the couch for 20 minutes after picture book reading (see paisley and ivy dumping out all the dogs food and chalk covering above)
drank a zipfizz to wake me up
eventually got out of my pajamas and did my hair
made some zucchini bread
made some smelly bath salts
laid in the hammock
conned the kids into eating my avocado/greek yogurt ranch with carrots
changed the scripture on the chalkboard
kids chores (laundry, dishes, trash)
piano and trumpet playing
ate some kale salad followed by a bunch of cookies
made peppermint tea (ivy is the only fan beside me)
Luke watered neighbors yard
Luke reread Benedict society
(in my next life I'm coming back as Luke ;)

okay so thats it so far…oh my goodness and its only 5 p.m. not sure whats going to be for dinner.
love fall break because i'm always a fan of no school until no school actually happens and i think crap, what are we going to do all day i live with freaking tornadoes. good thing they are cute tornados.

woke them up this morning for scripture reading which i learned this summer made a big difference in all of our attitudes.  jason didn't have seminary this morning and it was pretty awesome.

okay, oven is beeping at my to get out the zucchini bread gotta run.

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