Friday, October 10, 2014


Today was a hard day. Not even exactly sure why just that I was short on patience, it's the last day of fall break, I haven't been exercising due to my foot and just not had a grateful heart lately. Not a good mix and my poor kids did not get their best mother today. 

Ironically we saw meet the Mormons and I was sure glad they hadn't video taped me at my house today. 

I turned on the tv, opened up a bag of powdered donuts and the kids watched while I took a nap. 

We ended the nite with ice cream and hocus pocus (which had a few wierd parts I had forgotten). 

I heard one really good line in that movie today (my little girls barely lasted through it) ... It was the member from Nepal who said I'm not perfect ... The only thing I'm perfect at is trying.  A worthy goal which I will do tomorrow again. 

Here are the fonder memories of this fall break. Sure was nice to have some time together ... Just don't think I planned it very well or smartly as I could have. 


Beth said...

Ugh, I was there w ya this afternoon! Maybe there was something in the air. Maybe we just need school to start. ;)

Love that quote

Nancy Jo said...

Love all the pictures - especially Luke on the gigantic pumpkin and Ivy in the mud. Sorry you had a hard day - hopefully today will be better! Love you!