Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Family Pictures

One reason I really wanted the kids to go to Grandpa Daltons funeral was because I wanted to give them that closer and have those memories.  Not like someone we used to visit we just stopped visiting.  and I think they enjoyed it and learned from it and more about grandpa.  If we have to go to funerals may it always be of a loved one who is 92.  It was weird though I was looking at these pictures thinking I would normally send them to Grandpa…hope there is internet in heaven ;)

the kids all sang I am a Child of God.

And I thought these are pretty great pictures considering we had all been crying!

Here are my cousins, cousin's husbands, my brother in laws, my bro and Jason carrying the casket.

Grandpa didn't have a formal funeral just a graveside service and it was nice.  Here is my Aunt Pam speaking (my mom, Uncle Rick and cousin Alison also spoke)

And then we took family pictures later that night since we are never ever all together.  It first I was not happy about that part because I think family pictures are the devil but it turned out nice and glad we did.  Just had to calm my panic at first cause I hate to coordinate outfits (read: really suck at) and ya know find a way to look extra hot and not my regular self ;)  I do need a hair cut though, I've decided bangs will be better than wrinkle cream.  Plus it forced me to go shopping and shopping is good for the soul…wait its not?  I swear it is.  money too ;)  just kidding shopping and money are not most important bla bla bla, but both are very fun.

The girls wanted pictures of themselves in the tree and this is Paisleys interpretation.

The only boy grandsons so far! Luke and CJ

  I couldn't decide which of these I liked better so I included both.

Grateful for blogs that keep us updated on each others lives (cough, cough, COURTNEY GET YOURS BACK UP!).  


RachelAA said...

These pictures are priceless. I'm glad you were all able to go!

Nancy Jo said...

You got terrific pics! Thanks for sharing!

Alvhild Evans said...

Love the pictures! Thanks for posting. Miss you already!!

Amber said...

Those are great family pictures. Nice job. I feel your pain though. I'm terrible at coordinating family pictures. It's hard for me to know what looks good together. That's what we have Becky for though right? ;-)

Lindsey said...

Great pictures. So nice to be altogether!

Courtney said...

Man, you got some great pictures! You did a great job. It was so nice to be together! I like the hint about the blog! I'll work on it... :)