Friday, October 17, 2014

Whole 30 so far day 5

I'm very surprised how much I like doing whole30. Especially because I thought it sounded totally nuts and would cause me to cut the ties to some of my very favorite things. 

Here are the pros so far for me and I'm remember I'm only on day 5 so still have 

25 more to go and don't claim to know much. 

1.  When I eat better my kids eat better 
2. When I eat healthier I feel better...novel idea! 
3. Holy crap I just made it four days without any caffeine or my beloved crystal light or coke this is amazing! 

I have not really followed the timeline the whole30 site said would happen. My first day was my worst. I felt awful. They say the worst is day 2 and 3. I think that's because I have been eating pretty healthy to gear up for it and cause I didn't want to shock my body when I started. 

I haven't worked out a ton cause I was worried about how my energy levels (and my foot!) would be and just been going slow and don't notice any weight loss but feel really good am not tired and don't have any lows in the day it's just way more consistent than before. 

But when I need to eat I'm ravenous. Like get out of my way kids mama needs to eat! 

I'm so glad my sister in law Alvhild have me the push I needed because I would have wimped out or just thought about doing it for another year!!! Plus it's so nice to bounce ideas. 

I do have one fun outing coming up that I'm worried about doing but just hoping by then I'll have enough resolve and do some prep that I can figure it out. 

1. my grocery bill has been high this week. Probably unneccessarily so but just because I was so worried I would be starving or bored or prone to quit that I overly stocked up maybe? 

2. Always worry about the impact on my kids. Like don't want to mess with their head if I'm eating differently which I why I'm trying to empathize health and let them eat all mine too. 

3. People's reactions. Definitely too camps out there supporters and why are you doing this you are an idiot! Just kinda have to grin and bare that. 

I really like the emails and Instagram feeds and overall voice of whole30. The thing that stuck out was cancer is hard, this is not hard to eat whole foods for 30 days. 

And lots of good ideas to relate to life and here are the three goals I set. 

1. I refuse to obsess about food. I don't want to be one of those annoying people. 
2. Play with my kids everyday. Always a good reminder and why my house will never be as clean I like. Go fish takes a lot of my time. Ivy is addicted. 
3. Wake up at 5:30 am everyday. I know I know lots of you people this is no big deal and probably wake up at 4!  but this one has been a good one for me. Mostly I've been reading my scriptures (still lovingly studying the preach my gospel manual) and just having some quiet moments to think and plan out the day. Plus is forces me to go bed earlier. 

It's wierd that my scale isn't out and had to hide it. Will be curious when I'm done and probably a good habit to break stepping on it. 

In the meantime I'll be munching on guacamole :) 


Sara Jane said...

Oh, girl you are eating much better than me! That Kale salad looks so good! I love Whole30 cause it's about changing your relationship with food and not a "diet" to lose weight--weight loss is inevitable on it, but it's just an added bonus if that is what a person is looking for:).

Lindsey said...

Looks good!! Can you call me at 5:30?! That would help! Way to go! You guys are awesome!

Beth said...

I see Cole in that picture next to Ivy. I'm guessing he didn't want a bite of Kale salad. ;)

Good for you, and keep it up.

embot said...

I've been good too!! saturday was a bad day but i can't believe how much you CAN eat along with loads and loads of veggies each day. Bacon? Potatoes??? GOOD LUCK. let's swap recipes!