Wednesday, October 1, 2014


This has been a wierd week. 

I was thinking if I could call my grandpa he would be very amused about how much his funeral has gotten me out of . Like tonite we just ditched football practice. Just couldn't go one more place so played the funeral card and stayed home and played monopoly and are nachos. I think grandpa would have approved. 

He is also getting me out helping at the school walk a thon and Jason missing a day of seminary (ok so granted we have to drive 10 hours and it's the shortest turnaround ever but oh well)

And he would have loved that the timing was so perfect that we just happen to be able to crash Jason's big family get together that we were going to miss and I get to meet my niece and nephew finally! 

And in strange turn events I have been super productive lately which is nothing I claim to be. Just focused and full of energy (or maybe the constant caffeine? Also would have been approved by grandpa) 

Now I would say we still have our usually three or four pitfalls in the day (that boy is stubborn as a mule like I know what mules are like I have no idea!) and paisley super loves me or super doesn't at least a few times and baylie and I still have our usual head butts and Darby is slower than molasses (again, no idea what that's really like) and well ivy she never listens to me at all and I usually yell or almost lose my cool (do know what that is like) and have to reign it in a few times ...But all and all just normal family life stuff. And we actually have been fun. 

Monopoly...who knew? (Name that princess movie ripoff!) 

Seriously though we can all play together and we all have fun. Two days in a row now. Although today I got smoked... I think I sat in the jinxed chair.

Oh yes and I took ivy to the library story time since I cannot shake it at Zumba for a while. (Maybe that's why I've been so productive, less time exercising and showering after... Ahhh we can never do it all!!!!) 

Darby invading rustys personal space 

And the three amigos watching iPad cause they cleaned their room. Ya right it was mostly me that were stinky cleaners tonite I should be paid for this! 

Is there anything better than this? 

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Jenn said...

Sorry about your grandpa! Our last few trips to Utah have been quick weekend turn arounds. Good luck and drive safe.

And I'm guessing Tangled for the movie quote.