Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My pride and joys

So I'm going to try and be better at taking pictures.  Because they look great and while I might never have professional matching but not really matching pictures where everyone loves to hates us ones…the regular five minutes before church kind are just as good and super cute.  

Who would have thought that a rebellious teenager who hated babysitting would one day but the proud mother of five beautiful children.  How lucky am I? 

Lately just been enamored with the idea of being happy inspite of it all. I sort of feel like the Lord has dared me.  Like okay so I'm going to throw this at you are you still going to find a way to be happy?  Okay, well now how about this?  Well this one is really is going to test ya.  And maybe its not the Lord maybe its just LIFE and the Lord is aware of it all and making it all be for my good.  

Because life is going on around us no matter what so might as well do it with a smile on our face.  And how can I not when I see these cute faces?  Totally worth not having hubcaps on my car for…again.  I have a pretty fantastic life and I'm so grateful for it.  Just look at these cute faces!!!

ooooh i spotted that Barbie too late!!!

And I'm pretty sure Paisley has a donut in her mouth right now.  And whats Ivy doing in the back with that peace sign?  sweet photo bomb.

Oh my goodness, Darby is getting so old she is beautiful!!!!!!!

Luke and Jason won and so his head his buzzed….but I hope those blonde tips come back next summer! Handsome regardless! And I said to Luke to hide the fact that his tie is totally shredded underneath this and look you are all fooled...

Amusing McCoy moments of late:  Our family home evenings.  These last ones have been really funny.  Feel free to take notes cause I know you will want to do them too ;) 

- Make bets of how many primary songs you can sing in the car ride to go get ice cream.  Eat ice cream…Go home.  FHE…done :)  

crap now I can't remember the other one, I'll have to go ask Jason!  But it was equally as awesome. No wait I just remembered it.  

- Go get taco bell and eat that and powdered donuts while eat person tells one thing they are grateful for and one of their blessings.  Now are these the greatest FHEs of your life?  Wait, what, no?  Whatever these is pure awesomeness.  Your welcome :)  

and click here to read the greatest speech on HAPPINESS


Lindsey said...

Those are great!!! Beautiful happy kids!!! Love the colors!!

Alvhild Evans said...

Love the pictures!!! So cute! Can't wait to see them!

Beth said...

Aw, I just love your cute kids. Love your awesome attitude, it inspires me daily pretty much :)

Also love the cute pictures and stories of your grandpa. How sweet.