Monday, September 22, 2014

What I have been watching

My favorite things I have watched lately

1.  The Giver…I did not read the book.  Loved this movie made me happy to be alive.

2.  The Hundred Foot Journey…great movie.  And its PG…when is a movie PG? I dragged Jason to this and afterwards we were laughing at how many super close ups there were…but loved it
Indian food + romantic comedy = sold

3.  Moms Night Out, from Redbox.  This was a great $1 rental.  Sorta glad I didn't see it in the theatre even though I wanted to but great rental.  I had no idea it was going to be churchy, but what a nice surprise.  Great cast and great message, I am not in the same boat as this frazzled mom (and why do they always portray stay at home moms as crazy people…hmmmm….) but I'm sure I have in my life.  I sorta have a growing theory this is specific to younger children and as your children grow you also become more confident in your mothering but thats my two cents.  Go watch it.

4.  Heaven is Real.  Wow couldn't believe how good the cast was for how Christian of movie.  I knew I would cry and I did but not as much as I thought.  Glad I just rented it though… cute and great message although I was surprised at how surprised they were that heaven is real?   Sort of felt like duh… and cool to hear that kids story.  Love true stories and they seem like a neat family.

5.  North and South….via Netflix and the BBC.  So what do I do last night after the primary program (that deserves another post) and everyone in my house is asleep early?  Well I do the dishes and then I curl up to my iPad and say hey I should watch a few minutes of North and South…which ended up turning into watching all four episodes!!!! i loved it.  wow i really just want to watch it again.  Loved that it was the same guy from the Hobbit.

okay…thats all I could think of now.  so what should I watch next?  I finally finished all of Psych the dumbest most charming little show.


Beth said...

We should've watched Moms Night Out together. And we actually really liked Heaven Is For Real (minus a few things - I bet it's a great book, though). We watched it back to back w/ God Is Not Dead. Would be interested to see what you think of that one. I don't know what you should watch, but new shows are back!! There's a ton. And Adam and I watched Blended the other night and randomly it was funny and we liked it - it's just really light, and sometimes I want to just laugh.

Amber said...

I love the Giver (book)! Haven't seen the movie bc it is very different from the book and I'm afraid I won't like it.

Heather said...

I've been watching a Canadian TV series called Heartland on Netflix. Seems the Canadians appreciate good, wholesome TV shows. I'm into the 3rd season, and it's not at all trashy like most American TV shows.