Monday, September 22, 2014

Primary Program Chorister

I'm so glad its over, but just need to write out a few of my feelings about it before I forget them.

I was surprised at how anxious I was considering this was at least the 3rd program that I have been the chorister for and probably 5 more being apart of in the primary at least.  But I sure had nervous and had to work hard so I wasn't shaking up there.  Lots and lots of prayers and practicing the night before and morning.  I just kept begging my kids, that if at least our four kids sang well everyone else would follow along (it will also not be noted what a hard time Luke gave me that morning even I had prepped him the night before since Sunday mornings his beastly side comes out but he was still grumpy but I think it was probably nerves from knowing he was going to play the piano in front of the whole congregation!)

Also, I decided not to use signs with the words which I was worried about because others had suggested (and I usually like to listen to others suggest since I'm like maybe this is there friendly hint that the song is not working) but then decided to use any signs with words because frankly I thought they would make me more nervous and I needed to concentrate.  I think these are unmusical music leader problems really.  But I knew the kids knew the words and I thought better to have to just to focus on me and nothing else.  I did use the small signs I made last year for just the few moments before the song started that said "Look here!" "Smile"  "Get Ready"  "Great Job" and I rotated which one I showed them to change it up and wake them up a little.

Bottom line is, it went wonderful.  They belted out those songs and sounded really well.  They were focused and I had minimal shaking and didn't mess up.  I think this is the first one I haven't messed up the words.  I was super proud of them too.  Always think its funny how much one little thing like the Primary Program can be on a few people and then BAM its over and all the hard work is finished.

It was pretty neat having four of my kids in the choir (Luke says don't call it a choir and I said, dude it was a choir, there was 60 of you!).  Darby was able to play He Sent His Son during the prelude where a few girls rotated playing different songs from the program.  And Luke played accompaniment on the final song, I'll Seek the Lord Early…a song I have been hearing him practice for about 8 months now!

There was this one moment when I could hear Luke playing the piano, and I was up there waving my arms (I still have no idea how to properly lead music and have given up on learning!) and I could see Darby and Paisley and Baylie and all these other kids that I love and I thought…wow this is a neat moment, this will never happen again like this, this is a once in a lifetime thing.  because Luke will have gotten the Priesthood and be in Young Mens but the next one and IVY will be sunbeam in January!

So things change, I possibly and learning how to teach the songs more effectively and smarter (i.e. less work for myself).  Don't know how many more times I will do it but grateful for a church that pushes me out of my comfort zone (I mean, I don't LIKE getting out of my comfort zone) and challenges me to do things that I have no qualifications for besides that I show up and have a smile on my face….usually.

Little Ashlyn played the flute so cute to the Baptism song and the Sanchez family sang two verses of the Family is of God that I couldn't ever teach to the kids well.  Worked out perfect.  I also ended up loving that Build an Ark song that I got to pick.

The big show stopper was definitely when the kids sang I Stand All Amazed…because it sort of evolved this way…they knew all the verses but then banged out that chorus like the loudest ever.  Like hilariously loud.  And for this unmusical person loud is good :)

Another cute thing was that when I left church, my friends from Primary Presidency had decorated my car with a big THANK YOU…and given me a gift certificate to Dollar Tree (since I never turn in receipts and get most my props and foam core there) and had a cute framed sign about what we learn from primary songs.

Maybe everyone should have the same calling twice because I have always enjoyed them much more the second time around.  Feels like a big weight is lifted off having that done and nothing cuter than seeing my kids talk in the microphone for the parts.  Just wished we could have a video of it all and that my family could come watch but they better be video taping in heaven.  Had the thought of my grand mother who was paid to sing in churches when she was younger, those genes skipped me but she would have liked to watch that.  Hope all my grandparents in heaven got to take a peek on Sunday :)

okay last funny thing.  so last year i stayed off the 'stage' and sat on the front row so all the kids could see me. well that was pretty awkward being so close to other people feeling like an energetic lunatic, so this time I decided to be on the stage with them.  Good decision worked way better.  But I decided to sit on the floor behind the half wall next to the microphone which was kinda cool cause i could smile and give encouragement to the kids right before they spoke but only the night before when talking with Jason did I realize this meant I would be emerging in-between each song from what looked like no where and then afterwards what would it look like the audience when I crawled back on the floor.  We had a few good laughs about me pretending to walk down stairs or like diving or popping up out of no where.  Fortunately not too many people noticed but a few did :)


Beth said...

I LOVE THIS POST!!!!!!! I forgot to tell you that I really like what you did with the posters. The "Look Here" "Get Ready" all that stuff was so cute. Great idea. And our kids did GREAT without word posters. It's because you taught them well, and they knew the songs. I thought everything went so well and I hope you give yourself the biggest pat on the back EVER. And singing spray!? Brilliant. :) If I'm ever chorister again I will be stealing a million billion ideas from you.

Sara Jane said...

so glad it went well and you are awesome girl! I swear I think that primary chorister is the hardest calling in the church:). A big kudos to you for all your enthusiasm and effort. Now you can relax and have fun the rest of the year.

Lindsey said...

That sounded amazing!! Wish we could video in church!! Would have loved to see it.

Nancy Jo said...

Thanks for sharing - it was like I was there! You do an awesome job as chorister!!!