Thursday, September 18, 2014

As the world turns

Darby came home from school saying that she beat a boy in her class named Andy in arm wrestling. Then the kids proceeded to make cardboard weapons and boom a rangs for the second day in a row. It been the thing to do here and Darby's first boom a rang worked so well it now resides on the neighbors roof. 

On plumbing news no kitchen sink has turned me into a lazy bum. We had chips for dinner last nite. Yep just chips while watching the Andy griffth show. Cannot get any dishes dirty because I don't want to wash them in the tub! 

Luke has been the fun guy at our house... Here he captured the little girls blankets with a game of keep away that I couldn't tell if they loved or hated. 

Made them all do hand prints! Here are all my big and little babies! 

 I don't know if it's the heat but sure seems like we are bumps on a log lately with me being the biggest bump. Funny how sometimes you can survive on very little sleep and sometimes seems like you never wake up! 

Got a cute letter from Christie! 

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