Monday, September 29, 2014

Sad Happy Stuff

My thoughts this week have been on my super cute Grandpa Dalton who passed away.  92 years on earth with a full life and a sharp mind is hard to beat!  Sure think I got the kindest, most honorable grandpa.  He proves again to me that some of the best people do not go to church!  I'm sure it was a great reunion in heaven with my grandma.  My kids said they even probably kissed (to which Paisley responded…COOL!)  He had a big posterity rooting for him here like he was always rooting for us.  He deserves to have a good strong body again and I plan on giving him a big huge hug one day again.  So glad families are forever because of our Savior.

Some of my favorite Grandpa memories are definitely snow skiing in college and him making the best sandwiches to eat on the way home.

Going to visit in college when I was homesick and didn't know very many people.  Always was a safe place to go.

Him throwing me in the pool (I must have been little!!) at the country club.

Also a cool fun fact is my grandpa's name is on the inscription of the Marriot Center at BYU because he helped with it.  And we found out from my sisters awesome investigative skills in family history…a newspaper article that says he was awarded the first businessman of the year award from BYU…no wonder he was always such a BYU fan.

He sure loved my family and the kids and I worry that Jason and I personally shaved off a few years of his life with how much he worried about us during unemployment.  My most tender letters from him were during this time.

So we found out about that early Saturday morning…and then had to be at Darby's soccer game at 7:15 a.m.

Jason and I divided and conquered because Luke had to be at his game shortly after that for pictures so I just took Baylie with me.

The last soccer game of Darby's we went to was a slaughter and it was super hot so really we were just hoping someone would score a goal since that had not happened yet and this was game 3!

Well, the first little bit of the game Darby was moseying along, like walking to the ball!  It was driving me nuts and I yelled, is your foot hurt, why aren't you running?  And she yelled back, because I don't want to!  which got a big laugh from the parents who heard.

But then her hustling self kicked in and she scored a freaking goal!  The first one I was yelling and jumping and texting Jason and my family who I already had been texting all morning.

Well then she came to see me during a time out and I said that was awesome, do it again!

And that girl did.  And then again and again!  The only person to score, I was jumping so much and such a proud mama!  4 goals in one game and they won!!!  The other team was huge so maybe she was intimidated in the beginning but wow that sure was fun to watch.  Poor Jason was so sad to miss it but I don't think it will be the last she has caught the bug!

A friend of mine came and said hi after the game cause she said she could hear me from far and said, I know that voice! haha, and embarrassing ;)

Then we went to Luke's game and he wasn't too pleased with it but today he had a game (Monday nite) that Jason missed as well and it was great!  You can only do as much as the coach puts you in but where he was put he did great!  Threw a touchdown pass and had an interception and pulled a bunch of flags.  I'd say it was nearly his best game all season.  Sometimes you have a great day and sometimes you have an off day ya just never know.

I just so excited I brought my big camera!  Such better pictures :)  and plenty of my buddy Baylie

At the end of the game, is that a happy smile or what?!!

 Paisleys go to face…lovely :)

 Luke doing some blocking :)

 ivys favorite stance…oh wait no thats running away, okay so her second favorite stance

ahh, this is a cute day picture :)  and the girls with their devices…what a strange growing up they have!


Lindsey said...

LOVE ALL THE PICTS!! You are a photographer! Your kids are so athletic!! I think its great you are their cheerleader

Lindsey said...

Those are great pictures of your kids with Grandpa! He looks so happy to be with them!!

Anonymous said...

The Lord God loves you Brookie no matter where you or your loved ones go to church. You have a good mind and God is pleased with you. Don't beat yourself up with the LDS mindset of perfection. Even if you stay LDS, let yourself be loved by Heavenly Father. From one who knows....peace and joy come from God alone. Not the church.