Thursday, September 25, 2014

Zumba fail

So on the first song yesterday at Zumba (my favorite song actually by Macklemore) my dang ankle went out. Ouch . And then ivy didn't want to leave but I needed to go home. I finally coerced her to come with me and we sat on the couch with ice on my ankle eating the rest of the yummiest chocolates Jason got me that reminded me he still does love me :) 2 lbs of my favorite sees candy ... Ok so yes I had to write down which were my favorites and then I said if you ever are going to get my chocolates these are my favorites cause the regular always have a few gross ones like nougat and coffee. 

Anyway we ate our chocolates and watched Anastasia which is a movie that I usually don't like but as I was watching it I was starting to tear up at meg Ryan's voice over and hoped she really could be reunited with her grandmother. Obviously it was a sappy morning and that's kinda how the rest of the day went. 

I hobbled along eating everything I could get my hands on but that was the last of ivy staying still until the next time I put a show on (Beethoven) at 5 cause I was exasperated. 

We has chicken cordon bleu pasta and I made Beth's (bless you for that recipe!) pumpkin (can't taste the pumpkin) chocolate with tons of chocolate chip muffins. 

Then we had football practice til 7:30 which means we didn't get home til 8 and it was like the rare day Jason didn't meet me there so it was a looong day. But the weather was so nice and girls had fun playing...okay except paisley she mostly pouted. 

There was hilarious free style trumpet playing since Darby just started lessons (still keeping piano for sure) with the school band (all six of them).  And since Darby is so nice she gave all her siblings a turn on it and she hasn't had a happier day because of that instrument. 

Been having some strong feelings lately that I just really like my life despite anything that is wrong or falling apart or broken. And whenever you get those warm fuzzies in my mind life tries to beat it out of you ... 

Thankfully I refuse to let go to those happy thoughts and am cleaving to them even if Its with a limp. 

I can't remember what else I was gonna say but will just leave with you a few pictures. Mostly which I realized are of ivy and need to take more pictures of baylie :) 

Ivy and Baylee 
This is what happens when I try and take pictures of ivy. 

Ivy and her pal cole 

Darby resting after soccer... She is a beast on the field. 

This is how Luke likes his bed. This is not how I like his bed . Oh yes and he thinks it is 'made' . He says it's cozy. Usually I find about three shirts in this mess. 

Ivy looooooves makeup

Darby and the beloved trumpet! 
I found her outside like this it's pretty perfect. 

Luke being quarterback. California sure has some awesome weather when she wants to. Just wish it would rain. 

This morning I toured CPK and this is the freezer. 

Ivy made some pizza (paisley will tomorrow) 

Finally can go high on a big swing 


Sara Jane said...

Cute pics and I spy some of my favorites---bordeaux, butterscotch squares-are there orange creams in there too? I love See's :).

Lindsey said...

sorry about your ankle!! Bummer, but those chocolates are looking yummy! Post your favorites! Layla loved seeing all the picts of Ivy. That is so fun about the trumpet! xoxo

brandon said...

Ivy is your mini me.

Hannah said...

Liam 'makes' his bed pretty much like that, except there are still stuffed animals involved. And here I was hoping he'd grow out of it!

RachelAA said...

My mouth is watering over those See's! Yum. Glad you got to sit and rest but I hope it heals quickly!!

Nancy Jo said...

Hope your ankle is feeling better. Do you have it wrapped or an ace ankle wrap? Chocolate always makes me happy too.