Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What's been up

Baylie said she spent half of recess playing handball and the other half chasing boys. 

Jason and I have been scratching our heads the last few days wondering what we did to get such bonkers children after a trip to Costco for hot dog and pizza dinner... But then decided earlier bedtimes would probably help. Transitions are always a little bit tricky. 

Ivy had her first day of preschool and it was pretty dang darling. Nothing like the first time...so happy to wave bye to mom! But happy to get picked up too. 

Paisley is the preschool pro! It was fun being alone with her when ivy was gone that is rare!

Ivy loves putting on her makeup! 

And took everyone to get Luke new football cleats! Practices for football and soccer start this week I'm scared! 

Beth had a grand plan to sneak up to the aquatic center after school for a last hoorah. Great idea even though some of my stinkers said the didn't want to go! Spoiled kids! 

But so nice it wasn't crowded at all... Goodbye til next summer . 

See that dot in there? That would be my 11 year old boy being the last to leave. 

And baylie after some bribing finally past the swim test on her first try! Beautiful stroke! Haven't done swim lessons the last two years so was a bit rusty at the beginning but she improved so much! 

I even swam too and it was such a pleasant afternoon! And then we picked up McDonald's on the way home, did homework, watched the Andy griffth show on Netflix (per john bytheway recommendation) and did our attempt at the ice bucket challenge which we slapped on Facebook right before bed. Got to see Christie and tea too :) thanks Amberli for the fun challenge, we had fun.now we need to go donate to ALS :) 

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Lindsey said...

Preschool sounds fun and so does the aquatic center!!!