Sunday, August 17, 2014


Okay, so as part of the Feel Great in 8 (which I totally bombed in Utah…bombed being blew it, tanked, stunk, etc)…today I am supposed to write down five things I'm thankful for.  I probably need this today since Jason was gone for bedtime at church meetings and starts teaching early early morning seminary again tomorrow and I had one daughter who was pretty strong willed tonite.

What am I grateful for?

1.  My children.  They teach me so much.  They forgive me so much.  They are hands down a million percent the best things I have done in my life.  I used to be scared to be defined purely by my motherhood, but being their mother is the thing I'm most grateful for and proudest of.  They will be shining stars in this great big world and I know that they were sent to teach me patience.  I'm grateful that I get to love them and cherish them and stay close to them and be their confidantes.

2.  The Savior.  His unending patience with me.  For never giving up on me.  For never giving up on the people in my family.  For His ultimate sacrifice and Atonement.  For righting all the unfairness of the world through the enabling power of His Atonement and for doing for me what we could not do for ourselves.  For sticking with me even when I'm bitter or lonely or angry and trying to soften my heart bit by bit.  I'm grateful for the peace only He can give and for the hope that there is something far greater on the other side of this tiny life we live.  I'm grateful He is in charge and that I can trust Him and He is watching out for me and my family and knows what we need.

3.  Jason.  I'm grateful he works so hard for us, for being such a wonderful dad.  For having so many wonderful qualities of character and for being able to fix so many things.  I'm grateful he has not giving up on himself or me or us ever.  I'm grateful that He has a testimony of Christ and for the sacrifices he makes and for his humility.  He has never criticized the way I look and always treated me like his equal.  And I'm grateful he is tall because he can reach things for me.  I'm grateful that is always willing and wants to go to the temple.

4.  Our house.  I will never forget the miracle of being able to buy it.  And even though we saw so many big beautiful homes of family members on our last trip, I still like our busted up small one just fine.  Our house has taught me to be grateful for what we have, that it is enough, that is meets our needs, and that you can live without walk in closets and a king size bed and tiny bathrooms are fine too.   It does what it needs to do which is house our family and keep us safe and warm (or cool like now!)

5. My body.  It is a temple and houses my spirit.  It has been on this 35 year journey with me and stayed with me all the way and is still kicking.  It cleans and cooks and carries and gets me from place to place.  It has been nice to take better care of it.  We are totally friends even if its on the short side.


Alvhild Evans said...

Great post! I need to remember to be more grateful for my blessings! Thanks for the reminder.

Nancy Jo said...

I am so grateful for you! Love you so much!

Mindy said...