Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pics of the day

This was pretty cool impromptu moment tonite. Three feet lined up . Luke's being the biggest than mine than Darby.
 They look so similar to me! 

Today I convinced paisley we should read books on the hammock and it was a grand idea if I do say so. 

Someone's fifth birthday is coming up and I gotta get cracking with ideas because she has waited a long time and watched all her siblings birthdays come and go. 

Today was a rough start, great finish. 

Watched Taylor swifts new video called shake it off and helped shake off a crummy mood this morning. I'm not normally her target market but very witty cute video and song. 

Husband came home with flowers which was very smart of him today. 

Baylie was very smart and secretly helped paisley clean her room spick and span today without asking which slapped a smile on my face! 

A note Darby gave me yesterday.

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