Saturday, August 23, 2014

Fall schedule

We do not do sports year round. We like our down time. And I've always had littles and babies and practice schedules can be tricky. 

But this weeks weather has been absolutely gorgeous! And while it's been stressful getting out the door and nobody will sit still... We did it. And it's been nice. 

So hello sports nice to see you. Soccer we have never met before but will be nice to get to know you. The younger girls are dying to have their turn sometime. 

But boy we will always make our presence known on the sidelines :) 

Four girls near a tree. 

Retrieving ivy from running away... Again 

Meals after practices... And sometime cheat meals preserve sanity 

The sprinklers turned on and I just let them go for it... Who cares if they are wet. It was a hit 

Newly invented game ...step over your sisters. It's like monster truck with girls 

Yahoo it's Friday! 

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RachelAA said...

100% I would have let mine explore the sprinkler's too. Practices can be grueling sometimes but so worth the excitement of a season. Enjoy!