Sunday, August 17, 2014

Obligatory first day of school pictures

Ok we already have the first days of school under our belt. After getting it from Utah the day before and barely finding out how are teachers are we made it. 

And the first couple days at home with the littles were kinda rough! I had to put them both down for naps as they were bonkers (see below Baja Fresh... Maybe I need to take them out in public more cause apparently we don't know how to be?!!) and that first day ivy and paisley rubbed dog poop all over the sliding glass door ...wait paisley sprayed it with cleaner ...all while I was talking to our insurance yet again. 

After that rude awaken I realized I seriously needed to change my reaction and get a new game plan. Here's to better luck next week. I always forget how much I rely on those bigger kids! 

Loved that they wore their new byu shirts on the first day (thank you Utah Walmart!!)

Darby was surprisingly nervous. Got a harder teacher and no friends in her class but she did it and I never have to worry about her because her kindness is always a friend magnet! 

Luke said me to he was looking around wondering where all the mean six graders were until he realized, wait, he was a mean six grader! Well that better not be the case and he sure is turning into a nice young man despite the crap around him at school. 

And baylie got like my dream class for her. Darby's teacher from last year from her and super cute and smart friends with her. Let's hope she visits the office less with her mysterious ailments (half real and half not ) and can't wait to see what she does this year. 

Tomorrow is paisleys first day and ivy and her will be at preschool everyday but on opposite days and I will have noon pickup everyday. Not my favorite thing but their preschool is my favorite with grandma k and grandma b and lots of their friends from church. The thought of ivy in their class sure makes me chuckle. I'm mostly worried if she is hungry she might go in the kitchen and make herself a sandwich :)

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Nancy Jo said...

Love the school pictures! Gross story about your sliding glass door. Thanks for sharing pics & stories. I was so tired coming back from Utah (and we flew), can't imagine your kids. Glad they survived! Great times!