Friday, August 15, 2014


We decided to cram one trip at the end of the summer. My cousin Stephanie who I worshipped growing up... Was having her oldest get married! And so we just made it happen. 

Courtney and her family drove 20 hours from text and so we also got to meet Gracie. And then Lindsey and my parents came too. So we saw my moms side of the family, my dad's side and a bunch of the Mccoys too since Jason's parent just moved to Utah! 

We didn't get to see any Utah friends but this was the first time I could really see myself living in Utah. Probably because the girls made instant friends with the neighborhood kids and paisley even learned to ride a bike! 

And last but not least we got to see Christie (auto correct wants to name her gristle) and continue the byu is the best brain washing (too soon since my last post?) 



Lindsey said...

You got great pictures!!! Those are great!!!

Nancy Jo said...

Love all your pictures! Miss you already!!

RachelAA said...

the trip looks so great and that grandkid picture is adorable.

Mindy said...

Oh how I LOVED living in the BYU dorms! Apparently my dorm (Heritage Halls) is now GONE! I haven't been gone THAT long!! Whaaa!?