Sunday, August 24, 2014

Changing our Parenting moments

I love a good idea.  Especially when its about motherhood or being a better mother.

I have a few friends and my sisters are awesome at exchanging good ideas when we hear about something that is life changing.

for example, years ago, Emily C told me about this book she read and I never even read it but I heard what she was saying and adopted the philosophies and loved it.  It was luke was a baby and it stayed with me this whole time.  It was the idea of when kids get hurt, physically or hurt feelings or whatever…don't say …your okay your okay, your fine.  INSTEAD, validate what they are feeling and they will actually feel better more quickly and be tougher for it.  So when they get hurt, GUSH about it and give them a hug and say, wow did that hurt so bad?  oh my goodness i'm so sorry!  and then in 2 seconds, it will be dropped.  This one totally worked and is counter intuitive to having 'tough' children but I swear i have some of the toughest out there and a huge part because I never tell them they are okay when they are trying to tell me they are not.

okay, so ready for the new idea?  I just heard about a few days ago and have told a few people already. Genius.  For ourselves but even more brilliant applied to other people.

This video I feel is life changing.  Watch it.  thats an order.

Who doesn't want to build people up?  So glad to know how to do it more effectively.

Okay here is my last good idea.

sometimes i bump heads with one kid more than others and usually that kid is constantly changing.  Anyway, but sometimes I get stuck in a rut with one and not sure when to do.

So, after a while of me and Baylie bumping heads I can't even remember where we got it.  But we said,  hey lets have Fitzy McFitzerson and Maddy McMadderson go away okay?  And we don't want to have them come back.  We will even pray that Fitzy and Maddy won't be there tomorrow.  And that way it takes if off of us because those yucky people aren't our real selves and say we don't want to be Fitzy or Maddy (Fitzy throws fits, Maddy gets Mad, get it?)  They will even go away a while and sometimes try and sneak back like the other day and I said, "Will someone please tell Fitzy to go away and I want Baylie to come back because I love her and she is wonderful and she is hiding and Fitzy needs to get out of here!"  and then the next morning baylie told me "Mom, Fitzy is gone!  I threw her away!"  And I say "Yay wahoo I'm so glad thank you thank you"

Anyway, its weird but it works ….if I were to give credit probably subconscious from my favorite book by Tamara Fackrell where we treat the poor behavior not as they really are, (even if its quite dang common) but say, wow thats not like you, whats going on?  I really like a few of her theories that I have adopted.

Anyway, Why are you so awesome?  And Why do you have so many good parent ideas?  and Why do you share so many parenting ideas with me, I love it!  So bring them on, I would love to here whats working for you?  And Why am I so Happy?  And why do I always pick myself and try again? And Why are we such a cool family?  #sharegoodness


Nancy Jo said...

Those were great! All good ideas - thanks!!

Beth said...

The Fitzy/Maddy thing makes me think of this kids book we have called "Sometimes I'm Bambaloo"...same concept about when u throw fits its not really "you". Can't wait to watch the link.

Lindsey said...

Really cool!! Loved that. Thanks for sharing!!

Jaime said...

Why do you say the coolest things ever? I loved your post. Thank you, thank you. I am gonna share it in our Relief Society newsletter because what sister doesn't need to hear or see these awesome ideas?

Jordan Arave said...

Jaime is actually Sabrina and now it says my husbands name. Ha

Andrea said...

Thanks Brooke! Good ideas, definitely will keep these in my head to use for my mom job ;)