Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A dang good day

Today we swam at Laurie's pool and it was heaven. Thank you all my friends who invite us pool-less folk to your pools cause we love them. 

Only minimal sunburns too. 

Then we had fine dining at the costco and I sorta decided I might never go back there cause I so much prefer SAMs with fewer people. Also cause they have coke products and better pizza. 

Then we had family home evening...yes on a Tuesday... And went to baskin and Robbins and then watched a movie about Joseph smiths life and my cute boy was even tearing up... Shhh don't tell him I told you. 

Oh I'm sure gonna miss sure but decided where I'm gonna go on the first day of school... To the mall :) 

Also worked out at the park with awesome teacher Jenna and sure love that when I go... Plus it's free.  

Rusty in Ivys bed laying on my childhood comforter. 

Paisley playing with Jason's childhood favorite toy... 

My favorite quote of the day: boy this made me laugh. 

It's been kinda a I hate everyone and everything week but I never worry too much cause it usually wears off after a few days... Usually ;) 

Read this book was really interesting. Could have done without the chapter called higher education... It was TMI for me. But wow. What a story. 

Painting nails . 

Thankfully this room no longer looks like this and I'm much happier now that it doesn't. 

Saw my awesome pal Renee who lives in heber even though we took no dang pictures. She still looks like Hawaiian/Latin Barbie and I still love her. 

Been thinking about my pioneer heritage so much this week. What an amazing legacy! Family history is cool. 


Beth said...

Sam's pizza is better than Costco!? U might need to take me over there so I can know this for sure. ;)

Mindy said...

I totally love that quote. I do have lots of "I hate everyone and everything moments." Now is one of them in fact. That's why I came to your blog... it always makes me feel better. :-) Girl, you know I love you!!