Monday, July 28, 2014

Cow patty eating

So for two weeks I've been on this terrible no sugar no white stuff challenge with points in stuff. I really really didn't want to do it especially in the summer because it's summer and I'm lazy.

But have a personal thing that i try to jump on good things that come by way especially if friends are doing it so much easier than doing it alone.

Anyway I have loved it!!!! So shocked I forgot I like to eat healthy. And has been easier than I thought especially cause their are a few treat days along the way but a few times I almost cried because I didn't eat the brownies or dinner I made. Like really wanted to cry.  

I am all about accepting yourself just as you are and inner ward beauty is most important but it is also good to feel strong. Okay so I don't think I feel strong quite yet mostly sore. Dude!!! Working out everyday is terrible on my body! Can't decide if it's my arthritis or age or shape or what but my elbows and knees are crying too. 

I would love to run or swim those are my favorite but I like to run on flat (cause I'm not a fan of tortue!) and live in the hills and it's been many days since swimming at the YMCA with claire... Sigh ... How many naked old ladies we saw there. 

Anyway have been mostly doing DVDs at home and then free workouts at the park with Jenna when I can. 

Dude workout DVDs can be super annoying. Like is Denise Austin a smoker? And how many times just she say this will make me look sexy? Too much Denise although I did really like your workout.   fasted hour ever …and ended up loving all those positive affirmations that you very much.  

Here is what I tried. 

Always love turbo jam.

The verdict is still out on this one. Tracy bugs me mostly cause she smells of a porn star but I have learned don't judge a workout DVD in the first ten minutes…which is all i got through so far.

This made sore and liked it. Hard on my wrists but first time trying yoga! 

Oh yes and I did Windsor Pilates too which is laughable anyway you are supposed to put your legs over your head and sometimes I just want to feed these girls a burger but hey work in progress. 

I have had no burgers lately.. Sniff sniff but learned I have a fondness for black bean burgers from SAMs club . Paisley thinks it looks like poop. 

Also remembered I love arugula.

Sure looks like a cow patty don't you think?  Thats called dinner.  


brandon said...

That would look good to me woth ketchup

Lindsey said...

You rock Sis! Way to go! Do the kids do the workout videos with ya? xoxo Hope your soreness is over soon!

Sara Jane said...

I laughed outloud when I read this a few days ago, but couldn't leave a comment. I was eating a black bean burger for lunch too! I'm not on a super challenge, but good for you! I think challenges are good just to help you start eating healthy and feeling better other things are a side benefit. Have you tried just plain old walking?