Friday, July 18, 2014

Book picks

Ok so I wouldn't say that we have been reading tons this summer and was a slow start for that but have done others things like painting and being generally lazy. This was the summer of being unbusy. But at least we have read a few now that their teachers wouldn't be upset. 

Luke is in a fun stage now he doesn't want to read anything new but just reread anything. I don't know why this bothers me but mostly maybe it's because he doesn't trust my recommendation even though I'm the one who introduced him to the favorites he keeps reading. I am officially not cool folks. 

Jason and I have tried to watch movies at home at nite since we have been light on babysitters. Last nite we watched the last lord of the rings with Luke ...poor frodo and sam, such a hard road. We decided everyone needs a Sam.  Also Luke talks as much as me in movies if not closer to his uncle Brandon level even . We are talkers what can I say? 

Crap this post was supposed to be about books. 

Darby loved both of these!

Luke's reread... Beyonders by Brandon mull. 

But said this was good. 

And we all liked this cute picture book and kids were even quoting it the next day which means it's a winner. 

Ok this last one wasn't a book but an excellent movie loved it. Great casting and heart. We got it from the library. 

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Lindsey said...

Those look like great ones!! How fun. xo