Monday, June 9, 2014

Stupid stuff

Well Ive been on the phone 45 minutes with my new insurance and just got transferred and said there is a 30 minute wait to talk to someone before I try and figure out how I'm supposed to get my highly specific very annoying but make me live a normal life expensive must be refrigerated and delivered to me in a cooler specialty pharmacy shots that I have to take the rest of my life once a week or at least until my body builds immunity to it…Whew.  That was a mouth ful.  By the way, if you want to sneak onto my site my insurance password is sucky13…cause I have thought of so many passwords lately that I just can't think of one more and this is sucky.

I am very grateful for my  body.  I love my body, chub and all.  Really.  I'm so grateful it works but I absolutely hate dealing with insurance companies.  Even if its not that bad the thought of having to call them and find new ones makes me want to throw up after years of having to haggle and each one wanting a different one and we are probably one number 6 or 7 in the last fifteen years…which is a guess.

Okay, I will not complain.  I will just continue listening to this most annoying hold music while I type.

Last week of school.  Here's whats on the menu.

Last dance recital for Paisley
Volunteer tea at 8 a.m. tomorrow.  Getting all of us dressed and school ready by 8 am is always a feat
piano lessons from lovely Karen
Swimming at Lauries (thank you!)
Taking my dog who hates the car to be registered under me (honesty doesn't pay people, I'm being fined cause I am doing it late and told the lady) and also putting a chip in.
Preschool program at the park
Figure out teacher gifts…yo, I got 6 guys, 6!!!!  And those are all teachers not aids or helpers.
Workout so I am happy and feel good (not sure when still in pjs)
Prepare lesson for music on sunday.
get ready for Ivys birthday on saturday
makes lots of dinners
feed the herd breakfast
make chore charts for summer
Go to dollar store to buy stuff for an idea i have for music on sunday
return shoes at target and buy stuff for fudge sauce (ivys requested birthday treat)
feed lots of hungry children after school
oh yes, scouts on wednesday
and then its no school FRIDAY SUMMER BEGINS!
Go see a movie with Jason on saturday nite once Ivy is in bed

Think that about sums it up.  Ivy, thank you for only turning 3 and so having low expectations for your birthday.  i love it and am taking full advantage of it.  And am going to my friend Susies super famous tea party on Saturday and hope you don't notice I'm gone which I could not do on the birthdays of the older ones.

okay…getting transferred again.  told you dude i needed the specialty pharmacy this is not my first rodeo. now we are getting somewhere.

another transfer to copay assistance.  but always like those specialty pharmacy people they are always nice.  maybe cause its in my comfort zone and i know what questions they will ask me before they do it.

okay, gotta go call Enbrel directedly now.  wish me luck.  and yes i'm fully aware that on the scale of diseases i have a very good one, just the red tape that makes my stomach churn a bit.

Comfort zones are so weird.


Laurel Nguyen said...

Hey! I have all the stuff for fudge sauce. Do you want me to make you some? It will take less than 10 minutes?

Than and Erica said...

hahahahaha on the scale of diseases i have a good one. you're funny. I haven't had to deal with insurance in a long time but even the thought of it makes me cringe! It's so painful. My enbrel isn't working as good as it used to and my DR wants to add methotrexate. Bleh. I read another autoimmune diet book and I just can't live like that without a guarantee that it would actually help, you know? It makes me feel like i'm not doing my part sometimes and selfish because i won't give up things like bread and hot chocolate. There just aren't a lot of options of food to eat when you take away dairy, gluten, sugar and all nightshades. I have to do my bloodwork before i go on the metho. and i've been putting it off. Anyway...that's my RA update.