Wednesday, June 4, 2014


The other day Luke said when he grows up he is gonna eat seafood and salad everyday and sometimes pasta. Sounds good to me.

All the kids prayers are cute and exciting. Yesterday baylie prayed that we would watch a show. And ivy prayed that morning that I would paint her nails and paisleys nails. 

Darby started a blog that she is so exited about. Will unveil it soon. 

School ended cannot come fast enough except I need to go to the store a few more times without the masses accompanying me. Although I like when they all come with me sometimes it's nice. I say to them before... Please me good because not everyone sees a family with five kids and it's good for them to see them well behaved and not crazy people.  So for every 'what a beautiful family' we get then they get some reward..usually a show. So the kids keep tally.  Luke is old enough to stay home and even watch littles for short bit if I need to but I don't want him always at home or us always separated. Plus I think it's good for them to do boring stuff with mom sometimes. I know I'm wierd and it's taken me a while to get here and I still love going to store alone too! And heelys help at target for sure! Darby and baylie roll down the aisles! Bless costco and SAMs for their double seats I could kiss who ever invented that! 

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Than and Erica said...

Okay that is hilarious and I'm going to do that with my kids. Do you get negative points when someone says, "you've got your hands full!"