Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lemonade for wounded warriors

Some of the best ideas are last minute! We have always been big fans of the wounded warrior project and had nothing going on today so had a lemonade stand with friends to raise money for a good cause!

Thanks for Facebook for getting friends there because I was surprised how many neighbors past us without stopping. But then had some great encounters with some good ones even the mailman and street cleaner! Could not have done it without our good friends stopping by thanks so much! 

We had tons of kids here and just grateful nobody got hurt cause lemonade stands previously made me nervous but kids have always wanted to do one. 

Luke and Darby made the lemonade and it was gooood!! And sold lollipops for a quarter good idea Emily! 

Love when things come together nicely! 

Raised $86 including the $10 nana put in the mail! Awesome! And go to the WWP website if you want to donate! 

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