Thursday, June 19, 2014

Today's lessons

Summer is awesome. Why do we have school again? The theme of our summer is slow. Or just what I decided two seconds ago.

But like everyday this one had some lessons. 

In no particular order 

1. $1 movies are great . Kids finally at right ages for me to manage it. Worth it to buy popcorn. 
2. Don't go to the library after the movie. Even if it's just to return stuff and punch your cards for the reading program. The kids will all wig out and be loud and everyone will look at you and you will end up crabby so just don't push your luck. Go home. 
3. But keep going to the $1 movies on Wednesdays at 10 am cause you need some rest from the sun. 
4. Don't give wierd last minute ultimatums so he can watch the Lego movie when you are leaving costco and want to stretch Luke's comfort zone. Just buy your dang stuff and be done with it. Save your lessons for another time and remember what you have wanted to tatoo on his head his whole life ...don't push me. (Unless it's about sports and then Luke your freaking welcome)
5. It does not matter when dinner happens nor if they eat their vegetables. We all deserve ice cream at the end of the day just for being kind in such close proximity. Way to go on this one self. 
6. My happiness affects the kids happiness realization #2347... Now bang head on wall and stop panicking about insurance stuff... All that anxiety did no good and better to not call Jason at work in said moment either. 
7. I'm much happier when I let stuff go and then also make small triumphs. Kitchen table and floor still a mess but some chores got done and lawn mowed. Ya can't win them all. 
8. Don't make stir fry. It's never that good and nobody ever likes it. 
That's all i can think of and tomorrow is another day . 

Most of these paintings were done by the girls before 8 am this morning. Love those creative juices flowing! 

Summer organization... Jobs and small focus for each day. Yesterday we read some of grandpa Dalton's history (thanks to Lindsey family history extrodinaire for always talking about it) kids loved the story about how he beat up a kid who stole his yoyo years before and what life was like back then leaving at 5 am to ride his bike for an hour to work in junior high.

Good bye today hope I don't have to learn these lessons again! 

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