Sunday, June 22, 2014

Why isn't life a tea party or why can't we have a tea party everydaysomeone please tell me that

My darling friend Susie is famous for her tea party (among other things) that she hosts every other year.

Life is not fair. Why do I know this? Because Susie is the mother of two sons and I have four daughters and couldnt throw nearly such an amazing tea party. 
May her future daughter in laws appreciate what they are getting! 

Also and that these cute shoes hurt me so. And Luke says I have old feet. 

I mean are you even kidding me? These are hand stitches finger thimbles that Susie made so detailed!  (Note to self I will not compare my talents I will not compare my talents I will not compare...) 

And then this cake jenny Albee made! The food was amazing! I could have eaten all day. 

Here was my plate. Chocolate pecan pie tarts, California rolls, lemon bars, egg salad sandwich, dw cookie, chicken salad, fruit slush, cheesey green chilies yumminess, cream stuffed strawberries, and a scone!!! I drank my herbal tea very sweet with 3 cubes of sugar .. Had three different ones. One peach one raspberry and one I can't remember. 

My purple table mates. 

Oh Instagram filters how I need you! 
I was eapecially loving my matching cup! 

There was awesome music for beautiful Megan and Lauren that my girls and I have been watching over and over. Susie showed us her cross stitch and this one was her mothers who made one for each of her kids which I thought was such a neat idea. 

Will have to moon over these pictures for another new two years! Thank you always Susie!


Lindsey said...

Wow, wow, wow!! What an amazing friend you have! Love it all!

Nancy Jo said...

Ditto Lindsey's comment!

Mindy said...

Great pics! I'd be toast if you hadn't sent me them! I have to post something on my blog that makes it look like I have a life, right!?