Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dear Shabby Apple 

You finally get so so cute but need to lower your prices.  I know I get it.  I'm not your target market.  But how big is yours?  Super modest working moms? (The working moms I know still wouldn't spend that much) Mormon celebrities?  Mormon almost celebrities?  Dumb early twenty somethings who are still adjusting to modesty?  I am so curious actually what the demographic is.

Instead of being $92 this dress should be $42...or even $32?  Don't get me wrong, its totally cute enough to be in anthro…ooh maybe thats what you are wanting to be like?  Modest anthro…cause for anthropologie $92 is probably on sale.  And if thats who you are aiming for its surely not me.  I purposely never go in that store so I don't have to burn all my wardrobe after realizing nothing I own is actually that cute.

But love the direction you are going in so much better.  And at least I have something cute to look at.  And the more modesty we have in the world the better says the mother of 4 daughters.

Other hot tips I have for ya.

Make the pictures easier for me to put on my blog ;)

and every dress should have pockets.  Really all of them.

But way to go stepping it up.  Loving your stuff right now 


Phillips Family said...

LOVE shabby apple. Would be nice if their dresses were cheaper but I would spend the $90 (every now and again) on a good quality modest dress cuz I know id get my monies worth. They have a way cute selection right now.

Jenn said...

That's insane!

Lindsey said...

They are soo darling!!!