Thursday, May 1, 2014

awesome stuff

Everything is awesome, everything is cool when your part of a team….that song is in my head.

quite funny cause yesterday i think i decided i hated everything.  But then i made a bunch of orange rolls and ate them and realized it was just women's stuff. 

but there is are some things that are awesome.

like when a recipe turns out (not like a few i did this week, so annoying)

But I finally made Laurie's clam chowder.  Very easy (once I actually bought the minced clams, that was a first) and very yummy.  When you can't go to souplantation, make souplantation come to you.

Literally i think all my kids had seconds.  Unlike the dinner the night before.

Here is the link.

Also, made this for after school and it was great.  awesome lunch today too. Thank you Pinterest, cause you can be hit or miss.

My family in Alabama is getting slammed with rain while we are getting slammed with wind.  Weather is strange.

Oh yes, and just now had a date with Paisley.

Used to be dad and each kid than I was like, thats lame, so its been both of us and each kid.  But Jason's schedule is crazy now so finally Paisley just said she wanted to just go on a date with me and Ivy.  Sounds great.  I love when my kids are low key.

So for our date we went a fed the animals (okay, only a deer) at Hart Park and smelled and stared at the rest.  Then we got McDonalds ice creams and went through the car wash…done and fun.

Hot tip, keep your hand flat the deer sorta bites.

I can't believe summer is so close.  I am looking for short trips we can go on over the weekend since we can't leave during the week with Jason's schedule.  Any ideas?  Have to be drivable and not be with a theme park ($$).  Any things we should see in California?


Beth said...

Yum the Buffalo Chicken quesadillas. I will come over next time you make those ;) (or invite myself...haha).

How about Calico Ghost Town? Or I think Tanya went to a ghost town or cowboy town w/ her boys. I've never been but heard about it. Or a day trip to Laguna Beach is always good. Manhattan Beach too, but those are close. I will think of more bc I am in the same boat as you. I've always wanted to go to Solvang but I hear it's not great to bring kids. But the photos look so cute!

Brooke McCoy said...

beth, susie richan told me about cambria too…thinking about that. would you want to go together????

Brooke McCoy said...

and solvang is on the way!

Lindsey said...

I'd say Big Bear, Mormon Battalion in SD. So fun to feed deer!! And dates with the little ones!

Beth said...