Thursday, May 8, 2014

Culture and Arts

Me and the three oldest girls went to the Glendale Center Theatre for a play.  It was darling.  Cuter than I thought Luke would have even liked it too. I did leave the hardest one at home with Jason and he is really good about insisting even when I start be a pushover right before we are about to leave and she is getting ready to go too.  But definitely was more for older kids

Kids loved meeting the cast afterwards.  So glad for friends who organize fun things and that Lindsey could come too.  Plus how awesome is this picture of Amber?  I photo bombed her pretty good too.

The only bad part was my friend Tina told me during intermission that she is moving and really the only feeling I've had is just crushed.  Friends, I need like a six month warning if you plan on moving, FYI.


Lindsey said...

Love that quote at the bottom and the cute picture of you and the girls!!

Nancy Jo said...

Loved all the cute pictures! Awesome quote was great and loved the picture of you and the girls!

Mindy said...

Tina dropped the bomb DURING INTERMISSION!? Whaaa!? Love the picture of the girls with the princely-looking character. :-)