Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cheap birthday entertainment

Shaving cream serving as a McCoy tradition. Messy fun but soft and doesn't sting the eyes! 

Had the pfisters over for Darby's birthday and enjoyed a nice day. 

Brenna brought her harness for the tree and kids love it. Luke mostly played basketball :) ahh how sad i hope this means he isn't getting too big 

The rules are one bottle per kid and can't put it on anyone but yourself. 

Paisley was the winner if you can recognize her. 

I swear she is smiling . I kept asking her if she wanted water or to spit but she said no. 

Ivy lasted two seconds. 

It's all fun and games until they had the get hosed off... It was a colder day than it looked. 


Lindsey said...

Those picts make me bust out laughing! Especially Sadie and Paisley--shaving cream on the teeth! It is amazing how it doesn't sting the eyes! Love all the fun smiles!

Mindy said...

I'll have to remember the can of shaving cream as entertainment trick. That's a great one!

Anonymous said...