Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day

Today is my grandma Dalton's birthday.  Wonder what she is doing in heaven.

What we are doing today is kicking ourselves for not wearing more sunblock. Me and Jason and Luke. Luke thought he was so funny to not want me to put it and me having to sneak up and do it and now he regrets that decision . 

Great day at the beach very last minute decision to go and first time in a long while. Weather was perfect. 

Played a little catch and finished the day totally exhausted and are the habit and watched free birds on netflix . This is Jason's last week of seminary! Surely hard to get ready for school today. Too bad summer doesn't come til a few more weeks! Although gotta get my game plan ready and do a bucket list and new chores......insert evil laugh! Jason and I just want to watch as much tv as possible starting with 24 that we have missed seeing. 


RachelAA said...

Looks amazing!!! I wanted to hit the beach but was worried about the traffic. How was it? We went to our ward party instead. Beach looks nice.

Mindy said...

What did you think of Free Birds? I thought it was just a renter. I love that you guys are so active with your kids. I'm gonna be like you if I ever grow up. :-)