Saturday, May 24, 2014

Holy birthday

We decided to party hard for this one. Ya know how sometimes you invite people and no one can come? Well this time everyone said yes! Lots of fun. The most awesome part was just planned a few days before cause last minute is how I roll!

Our kids love their birthdays and Darby is no exception. She requested to sleep in the tent, eat hot wings and have ice cream sandwiches for dessert. Oh yes and to do shaving cream with her cousins. 

Friday we had early out day and invited the girls from church and then she got to pick two girls from school too. Great group of girls and had fun with the new fire pit. Will use it all the time now and I'm addicted to fire as much as Luke I think. 

Darby Samantha is a treasure to have as our daughter. She is just awesome and I love seeing her be creative and also be athletic and play the piano. She has a kind heart and makes friends easily. That said she has no problem being by herself.  

She pretty much had the greatest week of her life this week with her book and a field trip that I went on and open house and early days and friends and presents. 

I'm very grateful that we only have a few more weeks of school because as wonderful as Darby is she is sloooow in the morning. :) 

She loves to be wild and crazy and new hobby is making videos... Of herself usually documenting something at the house or being silly and wild. 

She loves studio c, chips and homemade salsa, reading adventure books and rusty the dog. She looooves rusty. 

And yes the field trip was to am pm. 

And yes I love that Darby's wanted hot wings for her bday dinner. 

And no me and Jason did not sleep much in the tent. True love right there. 

I love that Darby is willing to mow the lawn! Here is her and ivy taking a break.

Something I thought was really special was that Darby wore grandma Dalton's shirt that night for pajamas so was wearing it when she woke up on her birthday. Thought grandma would have loved that since her birthday is a few days after on the 27th.


Beth said...

Woo hoo love that you got a fire pit!! Happy birthday Darby :)

Amber said...

Party at Brookes house with the firepit. Yahoo! LOL….Happy Birthday Darby. Ashlyn had a great time. Thanks for inviting her.

Lindsey said...

What fun!! Thanks for sharing your birthday and shaving cream with us!!!

Phillips Family said...

Sad Ashlynn had to miss out! Looks like it was a blast! U Mccoys know how to party!

Mindy said...

Sleeping in a tent is an awesome way to have fun with your family for cheap. I swear I need to be making a huge list of McCoy Family Ideas so that when I've got kids , we can have as much fun as you guys do on a budget. I figure you guys can just work out all the kinds of raising a pile of kids frugally and then I'll just copy you (because we'll probably be in the same boat). So thanks in advance for figuring it all out for me. Ha ha! I'm a huge fan of you guys. :-)