Friday, April 4, 2014

Baylie's Day

Birthdays are so great.  Baylie has been looking forward to hers for a long time like most our kids.

She is seven and while she is small in size she is big in spunk!

Did you know Baylie is the true middle in our family?  I think she picked this spot cause she knew she could still make herself heard.

Baylie taught herself to ride a bike and tie her shoes.  She is very independent and can hang with the big ones as good as the littles.  And she will always be my Blue Eyed Cute Legs Baylie.

Here is a recent self portrait of a now 7 year old.

and here is a drawing during church

And here are few old ones just cause I wish I could go back in time and hold her again.

Baylie was my only one who when I was holding about 1 a.m. felt a very strong earthquake.  Everyone else slept through it but it was just me and her rocking in the chair together.  Love you Baylie so glad you are in our family.  and I love love my coupons you made me especially the ones that say .'no fits!'  we butt heads quite a bit maybe because we are a lot the same but I always love you no matter what.  you are smart and talented and kind.  I'm so glad God sent me you to be my daughter.


Beth said...

Happy birthday Baylie!! Cool shoes :)

Laurel Nguyen said...

Happy Birthday to your cutie!

Nancy Jo said...

I love Baylie! Such cute baby pictures!! She might be shorter but makes up for it in personality - just like her mom! Hope she has a terrific birthday!!

Lindsey said...

Love seeing the baby pictures too. She is beautiful!!

Courtney said...

She is so cute! I love seeing the baby pics. I remember her at that age because they were the first set of girls we had close together. We miss you guys!