Monday, March 31, 2014


Paisley the banker. Loves her money counter she got from Christmas. Winner present. 

Three amigos taking a nap

Went to the park on Friday to meet up with baylies friend. Brought rusty and bikes in bike rack Jason got me for my birthday.

Baylie and Sophia 

Turned around and saw this. Freaked out a little but she made it. Those McCoy kids for ya. 

Jason and I have realized we have too many projects to do gotta enlist the troops. Luke sanding in exchange for time to play madden on the wii. Wahhaaahaa moms evil laugh he did not like this after five minutes but finished the whole thing. Hope it grew on him cause one more to do ;) 

Speaking of this happened. Dang I was tired on Saturday and I was just the project manager (and grocery shopping and feeder and usual laundry) 

Wow so grateful for Jason. Life would be much harder on my own. And grateful his back is well. 

Darby and I at the women's meeting. It was so touching I was fighting tears the whole time. Will give notes later. 

The three amigos lately.... Shhhh one of them is turning 7 in 4 days! 

Eating top ramen that they begged for. 


Laurel Nguyen said...

Love your post and reading about the fun in the McCoy home. :)

Alvhild Evans said...

Love the picture of you and Darby together! So pretty! All of your kids are adorable!

Nancy Jo said...

Scary that Ivy can climb that! Darling
picture of you & Darby! Loved that conference ! I was crying. Impressed Jason is rototilling your garden. Great that Luke can help like that - priceless!