Monday, April 7, 2014

Party and conference

We had a fun weekend. Lindsey and kids came on Friday for a family birthday party. Face painting . Donut eating. Edible play dough and waffles for dinner. So many sweets we didn't even eat the cupcakes. 

Kids had a blast and nice of Lindsey to drive out cause it sucks doing it by yourself. 

Yes I let baylie do it and wow is all I gotta say. 

Then we watched conference and it was great. Such good things. Nothing like being coZy on the couch with your family. And then of course the rest of the time they were fighting or crying with each other. 

We just got back from eating with the finnigans and wow sure do love those people. Old friends are good friends. Ended the night with a fun round of freeE dance which Luke won and not many people who could bring out that side of him. Love when friends are more like family. 


brandon said...

Jealous of grass looks one hundred times better then my alabama grass

Courtney said...

So fun ! And words cannot express how awesome you are for letting bayliedo that to your face!

Nancy Jo said...

Ditto what Courtney said. Love Brenna's face too. Pretty awesome!

Lindsey said...

That was a blast! Cute pictures of you and Jason cuddling with the kiddos!! xoxo