Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The epic haircut

Wow wow wow

This is not my first rodeo in kid hair cutting but whoa baby (quoting my dad). 

Paisley and ivy were too quiet when my friend Natalia had come by who I hadn't seen in a few years... They were upstairs in baylie and Darby's room and found some scissors in one of their desks (older girls are obsessed with their desks). 

It was taken me a while to get the whole story out since paisley couldn't stop giggling and wouldn't talk and both of them were so dang happy and proud of themselves. But paisley was hair cutter. First ivy front and back and then gave herself bangs. 

Paisleys was easy to fix but Ivys had me scratching my brain. Left it for a few hours and then got an itch to fix it. Well at some point I was doing more harm than good and had to stop. I yelled for Jason to come look and he said I should be in worse trouble than paisley cause it looked like I took a weed whacker to this point I was laughing so hard I had a pool of pee under me cause I didn't disagree and I also have a weak bladder ;)

Did I mention we were seeing Jason's nearly whole family in two days and their grandparents who had just got back fr her two year mission? Welp it needed help and I called Hailey in my ward who I knew cut her kids hair quite cute even through we weren't call in a frantic hour type of friends yet. 

Hailey and her mom cleaned it up and calmed me and just what ivy and I both needed. 

And ivy sure gets a chuckle from everyone who sees her . She is still super cute. Paisley looks darling with bangs but don't tell her cause I don't want it encouraged . I remained weirdly calm when I found them (thank you spirit) and decided the only consequence would be paisley having her candy thrown away that she had just gotten from preschool (gold coins even!!!). She was not happy but kept asking her during the day why she got her candy trashed 'cause I cut Ivys hair' just so she would connect the two. 

Morale of the story... Best pictures ever!!!!

And I slightly swore on Facebook even though I would like to argue that h**l not be a swear word cause it can be very descriptive.  

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Laurel Nguyen said...

Love this post! Someday, you will show this post to your girls when they complain about one of their children cutting another's hair. :)