Wednesday, March 26, 2014

McCoy March Madness

Grandma and grandpa McCoy are home their mission to Argentina!!!

We couldn't wait to see them and took the kids out of school one day so we could meet everyone in Las Vegas to see them. They look the same and sound the same just seem like they have lived a few stories and gleaned insights. They loved the people in Argentina but are glad to me back to the United States. 

The kids had a blast with their cousins. Cousins are so awesome. Darby and Vienna are like long lost sisters haven't see each other in a while and Luke has some boys on the Mccoy side. It was a big sleepover with Keaton, Carter and Alex.  Jason was able to hang out with his brothers and watch basketball despite him getting a really bad cold (first week of seminary wore him out!) 

And we finally got to meet baby Sophie and see her blessed. I hadn't seen spencer and sharks in 4 years so couldn't bug them enough. Wished it would have been everyone. 

Garlan and Amanda decided to bless Sophie Thursday nite while everyone was together at Darek and amberlis house. 

This short trip more than others showed me what strong and independent sister in laws I have and that we are all used to being in charge! Funny working that out and trying to be on the same page! There is definitely a McCoy heirarchy and I would say I'm in the middle ? Ha! 

Us getting away was just the mental break we needed I would have slept on Brandon and coris blow up mattress another week which is not like me! 

Also I'm navigating Vegas pretty good and didn't need my gps a few times getting back and around places I visited for the first time. Much improved. 

Here are some pictures.  My McCoy family feels like my family after 14 years and my dear sister in laws like sisters and love my brother in laws. They are great men some real benefits of big huge families is how many awesome people. And loved seeing the older cousins interact with mine and my kids interact with the younger ones...

We loved hearing thoughts and stories from mom and dad's mission... What a great example they are to us and our kids. What The Lord asks of us can be difficult but He will provide a way to accomplish it! 


Lindsey said...

Loved catching up on all your new posts!! What a neat Vegas trip! Love all the pictures!

Nancy Jo said...

Loved seeing all the family pictures! Big family! Glad Janet & Brian got back home! Funny picture at the end.