Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Full life

IOh my goodness there is so much to say that I was been overwhelmed to start. How about good things first.

Remember about Jason's job and seminary  and Luke's comment about no good cereal? Well I posted that on Facebook which is the fastest way to tell people your business.  Well so soon after I couldn't believe it on st Patricks day we had what kids call the best ding dong ditch ever. 

And it was. 

16 boxes of goooood cereal and 2 gallons of milk from some darling leprechauns and we are so grateful. 

And if that wasn't enough my super duper cute cousin Alison sent Luke a big old box that next morning full of 8 boxes of his favorites. (She did some other goodies for the girls but I'm saving to give them)

The best part was the other morning it was time for breakfast and Luke sits down and then pops back up with an 'oh yeah' and comes down from this room with his own box of Reese puffs. 

Boys are hard to read but I hope he will grasp one day how cool this was. And the timeliness was so neat to me and makes me think wow... Being the first and fastest to react is really cool. 

Then that same day a cute friend showed up with some extra groceries she had at her house ... A friend who hadnt even been to my house before but just read that post on Facebook and acted. 

Neat neat stuff. Sure makes complaining or being grumpy a lot harder ;) 

Too many to even fit in my pantry! 

So now you will know what we are having for after school snacks and the occasional dinner ;)

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brandon said...

Made me cry. Y'all are in our prayers